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High Efficiency ECM “Smart” Circulators!

High Efficiency ECM “Smart” circulators!

The pump on the right is a variable speed ECM circulator which varies its speed automatically based on load (how many zones are calling). It varies between 5 and 43 watts while the standard circulator on the left is a steady 80 watts. I always included these new low consumption circulators for the heating zones but now due to the recent price drop and instant rebate, we include them even for the intermittent/constant load zones like the hot water zone you see here. Half the electricity of a standard circulator. Easy payback.

Viessmann 222-F Combi boiler!

Viessmann 222-F Combi boiler!

Able to provide heat and hot water from a 24” by 24” footprint in clean, compact package. Perfect for closets, laundry rooms or other tight spots. Will support a 60 gallon draw in the first 10 minutes and continuously provide 3.5 GPM of hot water (shower forever).