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Cost-savings and operational reliability are a top priority. Green Plumbing is knowledgeable about the wide range of products that are available today and stays up-to-date on new technologies and product offerings. “Top Quality allows no compromise” -Dr. Martin Viessmann.

Our “Shop on Wheels”!

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Our “Shop on Wheels”!

Able to carry most everything we need right to your house in an orderly fashion saving you time and money by not having to make trips to the supply house!

High Efficiency ECM “Smart” Circulators!

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High Efficiency ECM “Smart” circulators!

The pump on the right is a variable speed ECM circulator which varies its speed automatically based on load (how many zones are calling). It varies between 5 and 43 watts while the standard circulator on the left is a steady 80 watts. I always included these new low consumption circulators for the heating zones but now due to the recent price drop and instant rebate, we include them even for the intermittent/constant load zones like the hot water zone you see here. Half the electricity of a standard circulator. Easy payback.

Viessmann 222-F Combi boiler!

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Viessmann 222-F Combi boiler!

Able to provide heat and hot water from a 24” by 24” footprint in clean, compact package. Perfect for closets, laundry rooms or other tight spots. Will support a 60 gallon draw in the first 10 minutes and continuously provide 3.5 GPM of hot water (shower forever).